Edward Coleman

Edward Coleman

1st Vice Chair

I moved to Reno in 2011 from Arkansas and have lived here ever since. I began working for the state of NV at both Welfare and then at the Department of Agriculture where I helped build and manage the State of Nevada’s National School Lunch Program (NSLP) under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. I had fiscal and regulatory authority over every school district in the state that participated in the program. I then returned to school, Western Governors University, and completed my MBA and am currently working on my doctorate in business administration with a focus in financial management.

I became involved in politics in 2012 and became more involved as a Candidate for Assembly Seat 24 here in Reno. After this, I ran for and became First Vice Chair of the Washoe County Democratic Party and was part of the team that helped restart the Washoe County Black Caucus. I also am a former Chair of the Nevada Democratic Black Caucus and had an active role in starting it and helping it grow. I remain active and focused on police reform and when possible working with community organizers.

Outside of work, school, and politics, I enjoy playing Magic the Gathering with my nephew when I can. Running when the weather permits and playing dungeons and dragons with friends. I am an avid comics book fan and love sci fi especially afro- futurism and horror movies. I have practiced the martial art Aikido for five years and have had the honor of practicing with Nadau Sensei, the last man alive to be trained by the creator of Aikido before he passed in the late fifties. I have attained the rank of 2nd Kyu (pronounced like the letter Q) and it is one step before I begin my mastery levels.

The 1st Vice Chair coordinates activities between the WashoeDEMS Committees, Affiliate Committees and the WashoeDEMS Executive Board.

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Black Caucus of Washoe County
WashoeDems march in Labor Day Parade
Elected Officials Steve Sisolak, Alexis Hill and Devon Reese share smiles at a WashoeDEMS event

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