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Education – Party Platform 2020

Students’ Rights

We believe a full, well-rounded education for all people is essential for success in life.
We believe that every student has the right to equal access to educational resources regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or religious affiliation.

K-12 Curricula

We support per student funding for Nevada public schools at a level equal to or exceeding the national average.
We support limiting class size, with the goal of being no more than equal to the national average, based on the type of students and subject area content.
We support long-term planning and sufficient funding for new public-school buildings and preventive maintenance of existing public-school buildings.
We believe all Nevada students deserve the opportunity to develop social and critical thinking skills; understand the principles of preventive health care; and participate in and appreciate sports, civic activities, and a multicultural education.
We support teaching medically accurate, evidence-based, and accessible reproductive healthcare education; as well as theprovision of medically accurate, science-based resources in Nevada schools.
We support educational initiatives and curricula that develop and promote sound environmental policies and green technologies, leading to public awareness and new careers.
We support the inclusion of labor and social movement studies in the K-12 Social Studies standards and curriculum.
We support the implementation of age-appropriate and comprehensive anti-bullying programs in Nevada schools, to include cyber-bullying.
We support the teaching of evidence-based science, unimpeded by ideological distortions, as the source of understanding of all life forms, including our own.
We support the teaching of climate science.
We oppose the teaching of any religious doctrine in Nevada public schools.
We support the teaching of the United States Constitution and the Nevada State Constitution, the protections that they confer, and the responsibilities of citizenship to Nevada students.
We support the Statewide Curricular Standards to the extent that it is supported, modified, and endorsed by the professional educational community in Nevada.
We support early childhood education programs meeting educational, physical, social, mental, emotional, and nutritional needs of children.
We believe that English Language Learners (ELLs) have unique needs and should receive appropriate instruction until English proficiency is achieved.
We support a greater emphasis on and funding for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in our schools.
We support full-day, publicly funded, mandatory kindergarten for all children.
We support a revitalization of computer literacy classes to include an emphasis on coding education.
We support a fact-based multicultural history curriculum that includes but is not limited to the topics of social justice, gender studies, race/ethnicity studies, the Holocaust, and technological innovation.

K-12 Specialized Programs/School Choice

We support the continuance and funding of Zoom schools, and certain non-Zoom schools in rural areas, which provide intensive services to Nevada’s English language learners and those who experience low academic achievement.
We support the further funding and development of the Victory Schools Program, which appropriates funds to schools with high percentages of students in poverty and the lowest academic achievement in Nevada.
We support increased funding for the Weighted Formula Measures program, which allots increased per-year funding for children with learning disabilities and special needs.

Public/Private School Issues

We support the mandate of the State Public Charter School Authority to regulate and provide oversight regarding the fiscal health, academic accountability, demographic diversity, and overall success of these schools based on approved strict measurement standards reported to the public on a required basis.
We support proficiency testing for private-schooled and home-schooled students to ensure they remain on-track with their public-school peers.
We oppose the distribution of public funds to private, tuition-based K-12 educational institutions or to the families of students attending said institutions.
We oppose efforts to privatize the K-12 education system, including any taxpayer support of private schools.
We support the elimination of for-profit charter schools.
We oppose the continuation of the voucher-like “Opportunity Scholarship Program,” which diverts money from public schools.
We support every effort to help engage parents/guardians in their children’s education, including helping parents/guardians to understand what material is being taught, how it is being taught, and how they can help their child(ren) learn.
We support the recommended student-to-counselor ratio of 250:1 as proposed by the American School Counselor Association.
We believe that preparations for standardized testing should not take away from the pursuit of a well-rounded education.
We support having a librarian and library in every K-12 school.
We support increased funding for school nurses and Speech Language Pathologists.
We support continued parental education programs such as Linked Learning and Parent University.

Higher Education

We support investment in vocational and technical education financially supported through the education budget and by education, labor, and business partnerships
We believe in the necessity of providing affordable and accessible higher education opportunities for both new high school graduates and adults.
We support increasing funding for community colleges and the opportunity for trade school and business preparedness classes for all.
We support senior citizens’ attendance at state-supported college classes without charge under institutionally defined provisions.
We support the maintenance and enhancement of Nevada’s post-secondary academic programs.
We support the identification of students who may be candidates likely to enter institutions of higher learning and likely to be required to complete support courses in English and mathematics not later than the end of their third year in high school so that students can achieve these skills prior to graduation.
We support the construction of more parking spaces for students, faculty, and guests of the University of Nevada, Reno.
We support improved college affordability with expansion of the Nevada Promise Grant program to Nevada Universities.
We support increased state funding for the Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship to ensure continuation of the program.

Teacher Education, Preparedness, Training, and Evaluation

We support opportunities for continuing education for all of Nevada’s education professionals in order to enhance their teaching capability and to increase their pay.
We believe that educators in the State of Nevada deserve to be paid competitive salaries, at or above the national average sufficient to attract qualified teachers and to help alleviate the teacher shortage.
We believe that starting salaries of public K-12 schoolteachers should consider abilities in languages in addition to English and/or in highly technical fields.
We believe that Nevada’s teachers should be evaluated in accordance with newly instituted measures.
We support the training of all school officials in suicide intervention and prevention skills.
We support the development of dedicated, professional teacher mentoring programs.
We support programs to improve teacher retention and training.
We support efforts to recognize all educators for their dedication to the profession.
We oppose the privatization of school services traditionally provided by school support staff including but not limited to custodians, transportation specialists (bus drivers), or clinical aides.


We support long-term planning and sufficient dedicated funding for new school buildings and preventative maintenance of existing school buildings
We support the new education funding formula that accounts for evolving demographic changes and that appropriately funds the needs of Nevada students.
We support the use of new revenue sources, such as the marijuana tax and room tax, to increase public education funding rather than to fill budget holes in other areas.
We support increased education funds that come with accountability, stability, and resources to ensure a return on the investments and their academic success.
We support exploring alternative, creative sources of funding for special programs, such as arts, music, and physical education in the absence of state funding for such programs.
We support the restriction of funds mandated via Initiative Petitions to their proposed use as passed by voters.
We support the continued funding of the Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation.
We believe the Nevada Superintendent of Public Education should be appointed by the State Board of Education and not by the Governor.
We believe that the U.S. Secretary of Education must have a broad background in education and familiarity with national education issues, programs, and the myriad of funding resources, in addition to an acute awareness of methods, current professional standards, and current trends that are achieving success or failure in our nation’s schools.

School Safety

We believe that Nevada schools must remain gun-free and drug-free zones.
We support improving school safety by limiting entry to school facilities through staffed doors.
We strongly oppose any requirement to arm teachers or any professional staff members, including librarians, coaches, or individuals hired for positions other than strictly as safety and protective officers.
We support the Interim School Safety Task Force school safety program.

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