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International Relations & Trade Policy

International Relations and Trade Policy – Party Platform 2020

We believe that the most practical approach to foreign relations generally is to make our own democratic, regulated, free enterprise system function as effectively and efficiently as possible, and in doing so, to serve as a beacon to the world worthy of emulation by other nations.
We recommend that United States foreign policy encourage countries throughout the world to share economic gains with all their citizens as opposed to centralizing economic gains in the hands of entrenched elites.
We support the United States’ working through the United Nations to achieve international goals of expanding access to safe drinking water, eliminating slum conditions, achieving parity in primary school enrollment between boys and girls, and expanding access to comprehensive, medically accurate health care.
We urge the United States to provide leadership in developing international standards and protections to eliminate fraudulent cyber activity of all types.
We urge every possible action be taken to ensure that any use of drones by and for the United States for any purpose be consistent with our values as a nation.
We urge the United States to continue to discourage the spread of nuclear weapons.
We urge the United States to work with other developed countries to help emerging nations eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve advances in education; promote gender equality and empowerment of women; assist with birth control information, education, and supplies; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; forge global partnerships among different countries and actors to achieve development goals; and work toward solutions to climate change, land degradation, ocean management, and air pollution.
We urge the United States to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) as a legal basis for settling maritime boundary disputes and enacting safe passage standards for international shipping.
We encourage the United States to continue its efforts to improve relations with Cuba.
We urge the United States to includein our trade agreements: wage, hour, and working standards; the right to organize; and to include enforced fire and building safety codes.
We support trade agreements that maintain the national sovereignty of the participating nations.
We support the United States government working toward an agreement among China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other South China Seas nations about rules of behavior when encountering each other byland, air, sea.
We support diplomacy as the first tool of choice in resolving differences before military intervention.
We strongly support programs that strive to abolish all forms of human trafficking and support organizations that work toward helping its victims. Nations that condone any form of human trafficking and/or harbor its perpetrators should face strict sanctions.
We support transparency of non-military foreign aid given by the United States.
We support a full staff of experts in the State Department to intelligently guide international relations.
We support the 29-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
We support US actions to keep the South China Sea open for navigation by all nations.
We support sanctions on any nation interfering in US elections.
We support calling a treaty conference to update existing expiring agreements limiting nuclear weapons.

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