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Domestic Governance – Party Platform 2020

Cyber Security and Technology

We support the creation and use of an Internet Security Agency, for creation and maintenance of a public database of known viruses, and operation of a public virus library/database, available without charge to any entity and requiring only that the subscribing entity submit to the database any new virus it becomes aware of.
We support increased investment in research in fields including but not limited to medicine, technology, transportation, agriculture, and energy, with licensing fees required from profit-making entities for use of inventions covered by patents derived from government-backed basic research.
We support the development of secure source identity verification extensions to the Internet Protocol.
We support codifying strong net neutrality provisions through legislation, not regulation.
We support regulating Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) as utilities.
We support robust government funding of public broadcasting.
We support increased government funding for internet access in rural and underserved urban areas.
We support absolute individual personal data ownership and a secure verifiable facility for the individual to authorize the sharing of their personal data, selectively and temporarily.
We support the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Economic Policy

We support, as means to stimulate economic growth, spending on infrastructure, education, clean energy, and scientific research as elements of fiscal policy that represent long-range investments.
We support fully funding and strengthening, as well as complete implementation of, regulations as required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer ProtectionAct and urge Congress to ensure that the spirit and intent of the Act are maintained.
We support resuming the strenuous enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 and the Clayton Anti-Trust act of 1914 to restore meaningful competition to the market.
We support breaking apart those banks with the largest revenues into separate commercial banks and investment banks.
We support anti-trust action in any industry or market where the top 5 entities together are more than 50% of the market and a competitive price market does not exist.
We support the Consumer Protection Act and urge Congress to ensure that the spirit and intent of the Act are maintained.
We support increased prosecution of fraud in the financial services industry, with employees and agents at all levels held personally accountable.
We support a jobs program where the government is the employer of last resort, superseding the minimum wage and unemployment insurance.
We urge that all sources of funding of all public projects be clearly identified and prominently displayed to the public at the project site.
We support a license fee on patents created by government-financed research.
We support the right of municipalities to operate publicly owned internet infrastructure.
We support re-establishing postal banking.
We support prevailing wage standards on any construction project that receives any type of incentive from state or local government.
We believe tax abatements and other incentives should not be used to attract a new business to the community when that business will thereby have a damaging competitive advantage over an existing business.
We believe that tax abatements and other incentives used to attract businesses to the community should be structured to provide revenue to agencies such as schools incurring unbudgeted expenses providing mandated services to incoming employees during the abatement period.
We support maintaining and fully funding the United States Postal Service.
We support federal aid going to states, municipalities, school districts, and other sub-governmental entities prioritized over supporting private banking entities.

Elections and Voting Rights

We support online voter registration.
We oppose photo identification requirements for voting.
We support free and widely available facilities to comply with any government requirement for voting.
We support changing the Nevada presidential caucus to a primary system and maintaining the First in the West presidential primary status.
We support all in-person votes in all elections in Nevada being cast using electronic machines with a verifiable paper trail.
We support the creation of a public campaign finance system for elections at the local, state, and national levels.
We support overturning the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (558 U.S. 310 (2010)) decision.
We support a minimum of two-week early voting periods and no-excuse absentee ballot procedures.
We support developing and expanding an absentee process in all elections and caucuses.
We support efforts to ensure that the voting process is accessible to all people, including but not limited to ensuring the availability of sign language interpreters, ballots in Braille, language translators, and providing electronic access to ballot text.
We support restoration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as it existed prior to 2017.
We support transparency at every stage with voting system software by maintaining the official source code on deposit with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office and making it available for public review.
We support fully funding and implementing automatic voter registration throughout Nevada for all eligible individuals and implementing automatic notification to previous voting jurisdiction.
We support making transparent all campaign contributions the same day, from all sources including but not limited to 527s, Political Action Committees (PACs), super PACs, bundlers, et cetera.
We oppose the use of recall petitions to remove duly elected officials unless specific allegations of malfeasance or dereliction of duties are stated on the recall petition.
We support placing the top two (2) candidates from a primary election onto the general election ballot when there are no other candidatesfor a given partisan office.
We support the elimination of gerrymandering.
We support the passage of HR1, the For the People Act of 2019, which addresses voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government.
We support restoring and codifying in Federal law the ‘Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine’ by restoring its enabling legislation and codifying into law rather than relying on administrative rule.
We support eliminating the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929.
We support legislation to establish security standards for all states and territories to conduct fair elections electronically. Legislation must provide that the States may obtain the non-interfering cooperation of national agencies in assisting the States with any and all security issues without interfering with States Rights on election management.
We support a government funded fact-checking agency as a way to mitigate misinformation in paid social media advertising and to verify the truthfulness of any claim made in such advertising. Additionally, any social media company not in compliance will face financial penalties and unlimited liability.
We support the restoration of voting rights for people with felony convictions after the terms of their sentences have been fulfilled.
We support voting in jail for Nevadans being held who cannot pay bail and who are not convicted of a crime.

Gun Safety

We support background checks for all purchases of firearms and full implementation of the Nevada Background Checks Measure that was passed by Nevada voters in 2016
We support gun violence restraining orders also known as high-risk protection orders, extreme risk protection orders, and/or red flags legislation, which allow firearms to be temporarily removed from high risk individuals by court order.
We support a waiting period of at least three (3) days for all firearms purchases and mandatory background checks for all purchases of firearms, including those at gun shows, over the internet, and between private parties.
We support the mandatory surrender of firearms when extended protection orders against domestic violence are issued.
We support closing the domestic violence “boyfriend loophole” existing in federal law, which allows stalkers to buy and possess guns and allows domestic abusers to have guns simply because they are not married to their victims.
We support a federal assault weapons ban.
We support the implementation of a nationwide voluntary buy-back of assault rifles.
We support a ban on the sale, ownership, or possession of armor-piercing ammunition, bump stocks including “cranks”, and any other after-market devices that convert semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic firearms, and high capacity magazines with capacities greater than ten (10) rounds.
We support requiring firearm manufacturers to include IDENTILOCK™ or equivalent technology for all firearms sold to the public by 2022.
We support mandatory gun safety and responsibility education from a certified instructor prior to purchasing a firearm.
We support the establishment of a federal database, updated in real-time, tracking the purchase of firearms and ammunition.
We support holding gun owners responsible for subsequent use of their firearm in the commission of a crime or resulting in injury or death if they have not reported the loss, theft, or transfer of ownership to law enforcement or other appropriate agency.
We support gun-free zones in all K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning.
We support evidence-based research concerning public health issues related to gun violence and gun safety issues, including appropriate funding in support of such research.
We support overturning the Dickey Amendment which places a federal ban on government funded evidence-based research from being used to advocate or promote gun control.
We support allowing medical professionals to engage in discussions with their patients concerning gun violence and gun safety issues.
We support raising the age at which an individual can legally purchase firearms to 21.
We support the repeal of Nevada’s preemption law, which currently limits the ability to create ordinances to prevent gun violence within local jurisdictions.
We support the right to bear arms in a responsible manner.
We support outlawing guns on college campuses and keeping guns out of public and government buildings.
We support licensing requirements for firearms and removing legal protection from gun manufacturers when their products are used to commit violent crime.
We support technology and legislation aimed at keeping children safe and ensuring that firearms are stored safely in gun owners’ homes.
We support requiring gun dealers to have a code of conduct to prevent strawman purchasing and to take specific steps to make sure they are secure enough to not be susceptible to theft.
We support Nevada’s right to determine concealed carry reciprocity on a state-by-state basis.


We support practical, fair, and comprehensive immigration reform, and strong border security
We oppose the separation of families at the border or people of any age being kept in cages.
We support providing all necessary health care and social services to families in the process of gaining citizenship. Use of these services should not negatively impact the path to citizenship.
We support the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM), the Deferred Actions for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
We support accessible, affordable paths to citizenship for immigrants to the United States that take place in not more than seven (7) years and credit time spent as a DREAMer.
We oppose abuse of the H-1B (specialty occupation) and H-2B (temporary non-agricultural workers) work visa programs.
We support immigration reform that allows families to stay together in the United States while they apply for citizenship.
We support the State of Nevada allowing public services to be utilized without fear of reprisal based on immigration status.
We welcome refugees as classified by the United Nations.
We support the right of municipalities in the State of Nevada to declare themselves to be Welcoming or Sanctuary Zones.
We support immediate citizenship for DREAMers who have acquired lawful permanent residence and are actively seeking citizenship.
We oppose non-governmental groups patrolling our borders.
We oppose the inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum-seekers at the border.
We oppose efforts to criminalize people providing humanitarian aid at the border.
We support removing the Immigration Courts from the Department of Justice and moving them under the Judicial Branch and to fully fund and staff the immigration courts for the processing of case backlogs.
We oppose programs that allow collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials that deport non-violent individuals and separate families.
We support Nevada’s role in refugee resettlement and acceptance of refugees throughout the state.

Tax Policy

We support a territorial Unitary Tax whereby multinational corporations are taxed based upon their worldwide profits allocated to individual countries by the fraction of the corporation’s business footprint in each country.
We support a Nevada mining depletion tax, the proceeds from which will be invested in a state trust to be spent on environmental remediation.
We urge Congress to enact legislation creating a carbon tax on industry as an incentive to reduce carbon emissions.
We urge Congress to fund IRS compliance enforcement.
We support removal of the payroll tax caps under theFederal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) and Medicare.
We support the restoration of the Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance program.
We oppose any move towards regressive tax structures.
We support requiring commercial trailers operating in the State of Nevada for more than thirty (30) days per year to be registered in the State of Nevada.
We strongly encourage the State government to staff and enforce the collection and auditing of mining taxes.
We support restoration of the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax.
We support gradual elimination of Nevada’s property tax depreciation.
We support the creation of a system of means-tested property tax relief for low income homeowners at risk of foreclosure for inability to pay their property tax bill.

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