Party Platform

Uniform Services, Veterans

& Military Families

Catherine Cortez Masto stands with troops at a ribbon cutting 2
Party Platform 2020

Uniform Services, Veterans, and Military Families

We support every service member being paid a living wage sufficient to support their family.
We support continued benefits for family members of those who die or are permanently disabled in the service of this country.
We support zero tolerance of sexual assault in the military.
We support the right of LGBTQIA+ individuals to serve openly in the military.
We support zero tolerance of sexual, physical, and emotional assault and/or abuse of members of veterans’ families and military families, where those families are subject to military jurisdiction.
We support providing veterans and previously deployed reservists with prompt and appropriate help reintegrating into their communities, including but not limited to, counseling services, suicide prevention, education benefits, and disability payments for those who return with physical injuries and/or mental health problems.
We support the protection of the civil rights of all active duty and reserve members of the United States’ armed forces, as well as all of the protections afforded to them under the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA).
We support efforts to protect active duty personnel and veterans from unlawful and unethical lending practices and unlawful seizures.
We support funding and staffing increases to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to accomplish its mission of serving our veteran community.
We support the extension of VA services to rural areas.
We support medically necessary services and care for all veterans, regardless of the location of the nearest Veterans Administration hospital or the ability to pay. No veteran should be denied or delayed medical or mental health care based on rank.
We support expansion of and greater access to GI Bill educational benefits to our veterans, their spouses, and dependents.
We support the VA’s efforts to reduce or eliminate homelessness among veterans.
We strongly urge the VA to take immediate steps to improve the processing of veterans’ benefit claims.
We support reform of the VA to identify and eradicate any substandard care of veterans at VA health facilities.
We support efforts to improve the capability of the VA to deliver services to veterans and their families.
We oppose privatization of veterans’ services.
We support the extension of benefits to the surviving spouse of a veteran, regardless of whether marriage occurred before or after discharge.

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