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Join us as we rub shoulders with our elected officials, Democratic candidates, Special Guests and fellow Democrats!

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Democrats passed the largest education budget in Nevada history, including more than $2 Billion in new funding


which will result in a nearly 30% increase in per pupil funding by the end of the next biennium. Additionally, Legislative Democrats accomplished the following:

  • Allocated $250 Million for teacher and education support staff pay raises that may result in upward of 10% pay raise for educators
  • Passed Assembly Bill 319 which established a universal school breakfast and lunch program. This bill was ultimately Vetoed by Governor Joe Lombardo
  • Passed legislation that created a teacher pipeline program aimed to address the record vacancies of teacher shortages in the classroom


Legislative Democrats passed a budget that invested billions into health care services for Nevadans

    particularly for the 1 in 3 Nevadans who rely on Medicaid. It also made major investments in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. Below are some of the allocations Legislative Democrats made into increasing access to health care and making it more affordable:


    • Nearly $11 billion total budget for Medicaid, which provides coverage for more than 900,000 people – nearly 1 in 3 Nevadans

    • Expanded Medicaid eligibility for pregnant women up to 200% federal poverty level

    • Increased reimbursement rates for certain providers who serve Medicaid patients to ensure more accessibility and better care

    • Increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for elderly and skilled nursing homes

    • New minimum wage of at least $16/hour for personal care assistants/home health workers

    Nevada Public Option:

    • Reversal of Lombardo’s cuts to the Nevada Public Option with nearly $5 million added back for implementation of the program 

    • Public Option is expected to bring $500 million in new federal funding to Nevada over five years starting in 2026

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse:

    • More than $250 million for adult mental health services statewide

    • More than $70 million for crisis response 

    • More than $7 million for rural clinics, which provide behavioral health services for children and adults 

    • More than $113 million for behavioral health prevention and treatment

    • Increased number of Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers

    Additionally, Democrats passed the following legislation aimed at expanding access to healthcare and lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs:
    • Passed AB250, which was legislation aimed to cap the price of prescription drugs and lower costs for everyday Nevadans. Unfortunately, Governor LOmabrdo caved to Big Pharma and vetoed this legislation.
    • Passed SB232 which expands postpartum medicaid coverage up to a year
    • Passed several key pieces of legislation aimed and increasing the healthcare workforce to address vacancies in our healthcare industry
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    Legislative Democrats passed several pieces of legislation that are aimed to address skyrocketing housing costs and keeping Nevadans in their homes

    • AB340 ensures landlords follow a fair, equal, and transparent process for evictions rather than the unfair summary eviction process giving families a fair chance to defend themselves. Unfortunately, Governor Lombardo Vetoed this legislation
    • AB 298 capped the cost of rent increases on Nevada’s seniors and vulnerable populations, but the bill was vetoed by the Gov
    • AB310 creates the Nevada Supportive Housing Development Fund to allow for the construction of affordable housing
    • AB396 provides an appropriation for rental assistance to protect tenants from eviction
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    Legislative Democrats passed legislation that protected our right to vote and blocked legislation aimed to erode our constitutional rights to vote

    • SB133 establishes criminal penalties for conspiring to submit or submitting a slate of fake electors. This bill was vetoed by Gov. Lombardo
    • AB 246 expanded language access for ballots to ensure all citizens have the ability to vote
    • Blocked legislation that would implement Voter ID and restrict access to mail ballots 
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    Legislative Democrats passed legislation aimed at addressing climate change and lowering utility costs for all Nevadans

      • Passed AB524 improves utility regulation to promote clean energy and lower electric bills for Nevada families
      • Passed AB220 which is focused on increasing water conservation efforts
      • Passed AB184 which leverages federal funds to create a clean trucks and busses program aimed at lowering fuel emissions across the state
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      Legislative Democrats protected those freedoms and even expanded protections.

      • SJR7 which enshrined women’s reproductive freedoms into the Nevada State Constitution
      • SB131 which protects patients seeking reproductive healthcare in Nevada
      • AB383, which is the right to contraception act and protects Nevadans right to contraception. Sadly, Governor Lombardo vetoed this legislation