Central Committee

The Democratic Party of Washoe County Central Committee meets once every quarter.  ** Special meetings may be called as needed.

WCCC members are required to email if unable to attend.

Become a Member

Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a Central Committee member, and you will be nominated at the next Central Committee meeting.

Central Committee Meeting Dates
  • Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023 Q3
  • Wednesday, Nov 8, 2023 Q4
  • Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024 Q1
  • ** Thursday, Feb 1, 2024  – Special Election Meeting
  • Saturday, April 6, 2024 Q2
    County Convention & Election of 2024-26 WCCC
  • Wednesday, Aug 14, 2024 Q3
  • Wednesday, Oct 9, 2024 Q4
  • Wednesday, Feb 12, 2025 Q1
  • Wednesday, Apr 9, 2025 Q2 – Election of Officers
Submit a motion

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Washoe County Central Committee
As of January 18, 2024

Andrew Ayala Nancyann Leeder
Massimo Balestra Ramona Lestak
Gary Barbato Molly Rose Lewis
Peter Barber Donna MacIntyre
Sally Bates Diana Mackey
Rosalind Bedell Sarah Mahler
Gregory Bentall Nadine Malcolm
Robert Blackstock Kenneth Martin
Wendy Boszak Clarence  McCarthy
Carol Bratcher Clarence (Bud) Mihal
Eldin Brodlic Carolyn Miller
Gaia Brown Edward Miller
Brigid Anne Buckley Derek Morse
Vinita Busse Robert Munoz
Bill Chan Deborah Nicholas
Joseph Chiaretti  Rost Olsen
Stacey Clark John Osborne
John Corbin  Kathy Peltier
Mary DeLaMare Paula Povilaitis
Elvira Diaz Robert Purdy
Donald Dowden Muhammed Quddus
Doris Dowden Pamela Roberts
Pam duPre Marie Rodriguez
Gregory Erfani Lloyd Rogers
Kent Ervin Erica Roth
Hugh (Chip) Evans Mark Sasway
Adrienne Feemster Cobb Bruce Schmidt
Jill “Foxy” Fisher Sandra Scott
Matthew Fonken Janet Serial
Drew Franklin Mark Sertic
Mary Frey Karen Shimamoto
MaryAnn Gaebe Linda Sinclair
Donald Gallimore  Carissa Snedeker
Patricia  Gallimore  George (Brad) Snedeker
Cameron George John Solomon
Coralin Glerum John Solomon Jr. 
Alex Goff John Stevens
Rebecca Goff Kelly Stevens
Madelaine Gunders Jill Strawder-Bubala
Steven Gunders Nancy Thompson
Tim Hanifan Robert Tolle
Christopher R Henshaw Barbara Twitchell
Linda Herrick Alex Velto
Scott Husbands Kathleen  Watty
Judi Jensen Marley Weaver-Gabel
Kathie Julian Diana “Cookie” West
Zachary Khan Deborah White
Dominique Labonte Reed Williams
Tracey Lane Suzanne Williams
Tyler Langdon Chris Wood