Democratic Party of Washoe County Platform

WashoeDEMS United on their Party Platform

We should all work to create

an economic, political, social, cultural, and physical environment in which individuals have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their individual goals and to pass on to the next generation an enhanced environment in its multiple dimensions.

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Democrats generally have a positive view of government as a vehicle through which we continuously reformulate national, state, and local goals for our society and establish policies through which we achieve these goals. We strongly urge our elected officials to continue to promote the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the Democratic Party even in the face of intransigent opposition.


healthcare is a right,

diversity is a strength,

the economy should work for everyone,

fair elections protect us all,

and facts and truth matter.

Democratic Party of Washoe County Platform


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Environment & Energy

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2022 Washoe County Platform Committee Chairs and Members
  • NANCYANN LEEDER Washoe County Platform Committee Chair
  • Housing | Immigration | Justice
    • Becky Cohen, Chair
    • Arnold Finn
    • Don Gallimore
    • Andrew Zaninovich
  • Energy and the Environment
    • Tina Davis, Chair
    • Larry Dwyer
    • Ruth Flack
    • Ed Goodrich
    • Dick Nachtsheim
    • Tina Nappe
    • John Day Solomon
  • Business Policy | Economic Policy | Employee Rights | International Relations & Trade Policy | Tax Policy | Pay Equity & Wealth Inequality
    • Ed Goodrich, Chair
    • Clancy McCarthy
    • Mike Pilcher
    • L. George Smith
    • Larry Wilson
  • Health Care | Gun Safety | Retirement Security | Uniformed Services, Veterans, & Military Families
    • Daela Gibson, Chair
    • Ed Goodrich
    • Dick Nachtsheim
    • Janet Serial
    • Andrew Zaninovich
  • Education
    • Linda Sinclair, Co-Chair
    • Kathleen Watty, Co-Chair
    • Stacey Clark
    • Dick Nachtsheim
    • Bruce Schmidt
    • John Day Solomon
  • Cyber Security & Technology | Elections & Voting Rights | Equality Under the Law
    • Andrew Zaninovich, Chair
    • Massimo Balestra
    • Becky Cohen
    • Jon Garman
    • Ed Goodrich
    • Bruce Schmidt
  • COURTENAY BURNS Washoe County Platform Committee Scribe

Special thanks is also given to the WashoeDEMS Technology Committee, which made public hearings possible in light of measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.