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Precinct Organizing

“The most important job I ever held was that of precinct committeeman.”

– President Harry Truman

It all starts in our neighborhoods. Neighbor talking to neighbor. Walking door to door and talking to voters about issues has always been our most effective use of time and resources to win elections. Precinct organizers build the teams that work together to elect Democrats. Start now. 

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Image of Precinct Organizer's Binder and Precinct MapWho Can Be A Precinct Organizer?

  • Registered Democrat in Washoe County
  • Passionate About Democratic Values
  • Enthusiastic Leader of Volunteers

What Do Precinct Organizers Do?

  • Meet and Talk to Neighbors
  • Build a Precinct Team
  • Plan Neighborhood Events
  • Register Voters
  • Distribute Candidate and Issue Information
  • Mobilize Get Out the Vote – GOTV!
  • Stay Connected and Have Fun!

Join Now

  • WashoeDEMS will train you and provide resources.Image of Peter Barber training at Precinct Organizing Workshop
  • Our commitment is to develop long-term infrastructure to increase our voter turnout and to elect Democrats.
  • We are an expanding group of active grassroots registered Democrats with a mission to establish a well-informed democratic voter base in all Washoe County precincts.
  • Our goal is to win elections by establishing neighborhood teams in each precinct that will work to elect Democrats that advance Democratic values and ideals at the federal, state, county,  district, city,  and local levels.

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