2018 Party Platform

2018 Party PlatformIntroduction 1

Democrats generally have a positive view of government as a vehicle through which we continuously reformulate national, state, and local goals for our society and establish policies through which we achieve these goals. We strongly urge our elected officials to continue to promote the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the Democratic Party even in the face of intransigent opposition.

We should all work to create an economic, political, social, cultural, and physical environment in which individuals have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their individual goals and to pass on to the next generation an enhanced environment in its multiple dimensions.

1 Please note that the organization of this document, including numbering, does not indicate hierarchy of any kind, but rather is meant as a reference tool only.

Liberty FlameCivil Rights And Personal Liberties

Equality Under Law

  1. We believe that the rights of individuals as enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be protected and respected, and that violations must be more aggressively prosecuted to protect those rights, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, income level, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, marital or family status, disability, credit history, criminal record, or political affiliation.
  2. We support legislation to ban discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations on the basis of marital or family status.
  3. We support the expansion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include LGBTQIA+ and gender identity.
  4. We support the fundamental right to privacy and reproductive freedom of choice as established by Roe v. Wade, and believe individual women, not government, can best take responsibility for making intensely personal decisions about their own reproduction.
  5. We oppose racial profiling.
  6. We support the legal position that personal liberties under the Bill of Rights should only apply to natural persons, not artificial persons such as corporations.
  7. We support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  8. We condemn indefinite detention without due process as unconstitutional and a violation of human rights.
  9. We believe in the fundamental right of self-determination and the constitutional right to privacy for each individual to manage his or her own reproductive rights, decisions regarding sexuality, and decisions regarding with whom they enter into a marriage contract without government interference.
  10. We support the restoration of voting rights for those with felony convictions, after the terms of their sentences have been fulfilled.
  11. We support affirmative action.
  12. We support the Commission on Minority Affairs in Nevada.
  13. We support statehood for Washington, D.C.
  14. We support statehood for Puerto Rico.
  15. We support the Black Lives Matter movement.


  1. We believe that healthcare is a right.
  2. We stand for and support universal healthcare.
  3. We oppose discrimination in healthcare based on age, race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious affiliation, or pre-existing condition.
  4. We support access to not only health and medical care for all, but also preventive care, general physical and mental healthcare, elder care, long-term care, dental care, vision care, and hearing care, regardless of the ability to pay or any pre-existing conditions.
  5. We support the continued improvement and maintenance of public health efforts.
  6. We support the expansion of health education and information to the general public, including but not limited to such topics as preventive care, exercise, nutrition, advance directive, living will, and end-of-life decisions.
  7. We support the expansion of scientific research into all areas of health and medicine.
  8. We oppose partisan-based efforts to prevent scientific research into public health issues related to gun violence, safety, and ownership.
  9. We believe women’s health must be protected against ideologically-driven policies that devalue women, such as defining fetal “personhood” at a woman’s expense or policies that would remove or limit access to the full range of healthcare and decisions.
  10. We continue to support comprehensive healthcare regulation that ensures affordable healthcare coverage for women, guarantees access to free birth control, the right to reproductive freedom, affordable preventive screenings for cancer and other life-saving tests, and protects women against gender discrimination by private insurers.
  11. We support the fundamental right of women to safe, legal, affordable, and accessible reproductive healthcare, including contraception; pregnancy termination; and preventive health screenings, education, and support programs.
  12. We support the continued implementation and expansion of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, with continued review of currently available healthcare plans to ensure true affordability for both individuals and families.
  13. We support efforts to eliminate health disparities, particularly among racial and ethnic minorities.
  14. We support expanded and improved Medicare and Medicaid services, benefits, and administration, including inclusion of dental, vision, and hearing care.
  15. We support the use of healthcare best practices and standards as included in the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) mandating electronic health records, privacy, and security.
  16. We support the development of a public option for healthcare, as originally conceived by the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
  17. We support expansion of services and funding for adults requiring caregivers.
  18. We support expansion of services and funding for individuals requiring highly specialized care throughout their lives.
  19. We support greater funding for senior-related diseases and conditions.
  20. We believe substance use disorders (substance abuse) should be regarded as a public health issue, not a criminal offense, and support expansion of services and funding.
  21. We encourage the expansion of mental health resources in the State of Nevada.
  22. We support greater funding for research into and care of those with complex disorders of brain development and brain functionality loss.
  23. We support Medicare and Medicaid’s right to negotiate for less expensive, high-quality prescription drugs to be facilitated by prescription pricing transparency.
  24. We support medical research aimed at preventing and curing disease and alleviating suffering of humans, while minimizing the use of animal experimentation or vivisection.
  25. We oppose the use of animals in non-humane ways during development and testing of products.
  26. We support the establishment and regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries.
  27. We support removing Federal and state barriers to medical cannabis research and replacing them with a regulatory and funding structure enabling research by public and private institutions.
  28. We support allowing Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical and healthcare professionals the ability to discuss cannabis as an alternative to other medications without reprisal.
  29. We support and encourage designating the opioid epidemic as a national emergency and fully funding effective programs and grants to assist communities combating the opioid epidemic.
  30. We strongly support locally and nationally expanded training programs in proper application of Naloxone (also known as NARCAN®) for individuals who work with populations at risk for opioid addiction.
  31. We believe that religion or personal ideologies should belong to the human person only (not to include the legal construct of a corporate “person”). The state and the law should give the most freedom possible and the most available options for healthcare, including abortion care and end-of-life decisions.
  32. We support the expansion of access to healthcare through the use of technologies, including tele-medicine programs.
  33. We support parity in access to mental health and behavioral health in all public and private funding of healthcare.
  34. We support the restoration of patient protections established by the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
  35. We oppose high-risk insurance pools and short-term insurance policies that disqualify individuals based on pre-existing conditions.
  36. We support repeal of the Hyde Amendment, the Helms Amendment, and the Global Gag Rule.
  37. We support the implementation of “SprinkleCare” in Nevada.
  38. We support elimination of the “donut hole” in Medicare coverage.


  1. We support legislation to ban discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.
  2. We recommend that residential zoning should focus first on urban infill areas and avoid further urban sprawl.
  3. We support affordable housing remaining affordable for low-income and middle-income residents.
  4. We support an overall expansion of rental housing stock in the community.
  5. We support legislation and funding to increase the availability of affordable housing units to meet current and future demands.
  6. We support legislation to prohibit deficiency judgments in the event of real property short sale.
  7. We support a requirement that, in any foreclosure proceeding in Nevada, the foreclosing party must produce proper documents, including each valid assignment of the deed of trust and each valid endorsement of the promissory note, proving the status of its right to enforce.
  8. We oppose the granting of building permits for housing developments, especially low-income housing developments, on known flood plains.


  1. We believe in a fair and just application of the civil and criminal justice systems regardless of race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic status.
  2. We believe in civil and criminal justice systems that protect victims and defendants, promote fair sentencing and appropriate safeguard for juvenile offenders, and ensure safe prisons.
  3. We support a comprehensive rehabilitation system to enable released prisoners to become productive members of society and to have their civil rights restored.
  4. 65. We support national decriminalization of marijuana and that its use be regulated on an equivalent basis as alcohol.
  5. We support the expunging of convictions solely for personal possession or personal use of marijuana from an individual’s criminal record.
  6. We support abolition of the death penalty.
  7. We oppose privatization of the penal system.
  8. We oppose mandated sentencing guidelines.
  9. We support sentencing guidelines that emphasize education, rehabilitation, and re-socialization.
  10. We support reduction in incarceration that will result in savings that can be used for education, rehabilitation, and re-socialization.
  11. We support the enforcement of the three-day waiting period and the requirement of criminal background checks, which include information on felony convictions, domestic violence complaints/convictions, animal abuse complaints/convictions, and temporary restraining orders, in all gun purchases in Nevada, including gun shows and private sales.
  12. We support the immediate implementation of the Nevada Revised Statute prohibiting, except in certain circumstances, a person from selling or transferring a firearm to another person unless a federally-licensed dealer first conducts a federal background check on the potential buyer or transferee.
  13. We support additional resources for defendants in mental health courts and other specialty courts.
  14. We oppose the “War on Drugs” as presently constituted at all levels of government because of its disparate impact on disadvantaged communities.
  15. We support funding to ensure full implementation of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), and the Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA).
  16. We support the use of alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders.
  17. We support the use of body cameras by police officers, as they protect both citizens and the officers.
  18. We support the 21st Century Community Policing model.
  19. We oppose the militarization of police departments.
  20. We support intervention, education, counseling, medical services, mental health services, and shelter services for victims of crimes, including but not limited to any kind of abuse and/or human trafficking.
  21. We support reformation of our current bail system so that it no longer functions as a modern-day debtor’s prison.
  22. We support development and implementation of protocol to eliminate individuals with extremist ideologies from law enforcement in response to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2006 bulletin.
  23. We support the establishment of civilian review boards for incidents where police shoot or kill unarmed individuals.
  24. We oppose Stand Your Ground laws for instances outside of an individual’s home or vehicle.

2018 Party PlatformDomestic Governance

Cyber Security and Technology

  1. We support the development of a national standard of internet security measures to be implemented by all public utilities which have any portion of their control or production systems connected to the public internet. This means creating and operating a Department of Internet Security Auditing to assess and certify compliance.
  2. We support increased investment in research in medicine, technology, transportation, agriculture, and energy.
  3. We support licensing fees for profit-making entities for use of inventions covered by patents derived from United States-backed basic research.
  4. We support the development of secure source identity verification extensions to the Internet Protocol.
  5. We support the restoration of net neutrality.
  6. We support regulating internet service providers (ISPs) as utilities.
  7. support the continued funding of public broadcasting.

Economic Policy

  1. We support, as means to stimulate economic growth, a priority on elements of fiscal policy that represent long-range investments such as, but not limited to, spending on infrastructure, education, clean energy, and scientific research.
  2. We support fully funding and strengthening, as well as complete implementation of, regulations as required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and urge Congress to ensure that the spirit and intent of the Act are maintained.
  3. We support resuming the strenuous enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 and the Clayton Anti-Trust act of 1914 as a way to restore meaningful competition to the market as it relates to horizontal and vertical competition.
  4. We support breaking apart those banks with the largest revenues into separate commercial banks and investment banks.
  5. We support anti-trust action in any industry or market where the top 5 entities together are more than 50% of the market and a competitive price market does not exist.
  6. We support the Consumer Protection Act and urge Congress to ensure that the spirit and intent of the Act are maintained.
  7. We support increased prosecution of fraud in the financial services industry, with employees and agents at all levels held personally accountable.
  8. We support a jobs program where the government is the employer of last resort, superseding the minimum wage and unemployment insurance.
  9. We urge that all sources of funding of all public projects be clearly identified and prominently displayed to the public at the project site.
  10. We support a minimum tax on profits derived from government-issued monopolies (patents).
  11. We support the right of municipalities to operate publicly-owned internet infrastructure.

Elections and Voting Rights

  1. We support online voter registration.
  2. We oppose photo identification requirements for voting.
  3. We support, with the exception of absentee ballots and provisional ballots, all votes in all elections in Nevada being cast using electronic machines with a verifiable paper trail.
  4. We support the creation of a public campaign finance system for elections at the local, state, and national levels.
  5. We support efforts to overturn the Citizens United v. FEC (2010) decision, which allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections.
  6. We support the continuance of long early voting periods and no-excuse absentee ballot procedures.
  7. We support developing an absentee process in the state Democratic caucus.
  8. We support the establishment of regional caucus locations to accommodate Nevadans with disabilities or other circumstances that may inhibit the ability to participate in the caucus process, and other ways to assist persons at caucuses, including but not limited to the availability of sign language interpreters, ballots in Braille, and language translators.
  9. We support re-strengthening of the Voting Rights Act.
  10. We support transparency at every stage with voting system software by maintaining the official source code on deposit with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, made available for public review.
  11. We support automatic voter registration for all eligible individuals.
  12. We support making transparent all campaign contributions from all sources including 527s, Political Action Committees (PACs), super PACs, bundlers, et cetera.
  13. We oppose the use of recall petitions to remove duly elected officials unless specific allegations of malfeasance or dereliction of duties are stated on the recall petition.
  14. We support placing the top two (2) candidates from a primary election onto the general election ballot when there are no other candidates for a given office.
  15. We support the elimination of gerrymandering by supporting non-partisan, independent, citizen redistricting commissions.

Gun Safety

  1. We support background checks for all purchases of firearms and the implementation of the Nevada Background Checks Measure that was passed by Nevada voters in 2016.
  2. We support gun violence restraining orders also known as high-risk protection orders, extreme risk protection orders, and/or red flags legislation, which allow firearms to be temporarily removed from high risk individuals by court order.
  3. We support a waiting period of at least three (3) days for all firearms purchases and mandatory background checks for all purchases of firearms, including those at gun shows, over the internet, and between private parties.
  4. We support the mandatory surrender of firearms when extended protection orders against domestic violence are issued.
  5. We support closing the domestic violence “boyfriend loophole” existing in federal law, which allows stalkers to buy and possess guns and allows domestic abusers to have guns simply because they are not married to their victims.
  6. We support a federal assault weapons ban.
  7. We support the implementation of a nationwide voluntary buy-back of assault rifles.
  8. We support a ban on the sale, ownership, or possession of armor piercing ammunition, bump stocks including “cranks”, and any other after-market devices that convert semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic firearms, and high capacity magazines with capacities greater than ten (10) rounds.
  9. We support requiring firearm manufacturers to include IDENTILOCK™ or equivalent technology for all firearms sold to the public by 2022.
  10. We support mandatory gun safety and responsibility education from a certified instructor for individuals who purchase a firearm.
  11. We support the establishment of a federal database, updated in real-time, tracking the purchase of firearms and ammunition.
  12. We support holding gun owners responsible for subsequent use of their firearm in the commission of a crime or resulting in injury or death if they have not reported the firearm as lost or stolen to law enforcement.
  13. We support gun-free zones in all K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning.
  14. We support evidence-based research concerning public health issues related to gun violence and gun safety issues, including appropriate funding in support of such research.
  15. We support allowing medical professionals to engage in discussions with their patients concerning gun violence and gun safety issues.
  16. We support raising the age at which an individual can legally purchase firearms to 21.
  17. We support the repeal of Nevada’s preemption law, which currently limits the ability to create ordinances to prevent gun violence within local jurisdictions.


  1. We support practical, fair, and comprehensive immigration reform and strong border security.
  2. We support the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act), the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  3. We support accessible, affordable paths to citizenship for immigrants to the United States that take place in no more than seven (7) years and credit time spent as a DREAMer.
  4. We oppose abuse of the H-1B (specialty occupation) and H-2B (temporary non-agricultural workers) work visa programs.
  5. We support immigration reform that allows families to stay in the United States while they apply for citizenship.
  6. We support the State of Nevada allowing public services to be utilized without fear of reprisal based on immigration status.
  7. We welcome refugees as classified by the United Nations.
  8. We support the right of municipalities in the State of Nevada to declare themselves to be Welcoming or Sanctuary zones.
  9. We support immediate citizenship for DREAMers who have acquired lawful permanent residence and are actively seeking citizenship.

Tax Policy

  1. We support a territorial Unitary Tax whereby multinational corporations are taxed based upon their worldwide profits allocated to individual countries by the fraction of the corporation’s business footprint in each country.
  2. We support a Nevada mining depletion tax, the proceeds from which will be invested in a state trust to be spent on environmental remediation.
  3. We urge Congress to enact legislation creating a carbon tax on industry as an incentive to reduce carbon emissions.
  4. We urge Congress to fund IRS compliance enforcement.
  5. We support a comprehensive review and revision of the federal tax code in a way that benefits middle- and working-class Americans.
  6. We support removal of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) and Medicare payroll tax cap.
  7. We support the restoration of the Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance program.
  8. We oppose any move towards regressive tax structures.
  9. We urge that careful analysis be given to decisions involving tax abatement and other incentives to attract new businesses to the community.
  10. We support a per-ton-mile fee assessed during the annual sticker renewal that is conducted at the state level for vehicles not subject to the motor vehicle fuel tax. The fee charged would be based on the odometer reading and the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle’s make and model.
  11. We support requiring commercial trailers operating in the State of Nevada for more than thirty (30) days per year to be registered in the State of Nevada.
  12. We support working toward increased economic diversification.
  13. We strongly encourage the State government to staff and enforce the collection and auditing of mining taxes.
  14. We support restoration of the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax.
  15. We support eliminating the depreciation of Nevada’s property tax depreciation upon sale of each property.
  16. We support the creation of a system of means tested property tax relief for low income homeowners at risk of foreclosure for inability to pay their property tax bill.

2018 Party PlatformEducation

Students’ Rights

  1. We believe a full, well-rounded education for all people is essential for success in life.
  2. We believe that every student has the right to equal access to educational resources regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or religious affiliation.

K-12 Curricula

  1. We support per student funding for Nevada public schools at a level equal to or exceeding the national average.
  2. We support limiting class size, with the goal of being no more than equal to the national average, based on the type of students and subject area content.
  3. We support long-term planning and sufficient funding for new public-school buildings and preventive maintenance of existing public-school buildings.
  4. We believe all Nevada students deserve the opportunity to develop social and critical thinking skills; understand the principles of preventive health care; and participate in and appreciate sports, civic activities, and a multicultural education.
  5. We support the availability of medically accurate, comprehensive, age-appropriate, and accessible reproductive healthcare education and resources in Nevada schools.
  6. We support educational initiatives and curricula that develop and promote sound environmental policies and green technologies, leading to public awareness and new careers.
  7. We support the inclusion of labor and social movement studies into the K-12 Social Studies standards and curriculum.
  8. We support the implementation of age-appropriate and comprehensive anti-bullying programs in Nevada schools.
  9. We support the teaching of evidence-based science, unimpeded by ideological distortions, as the source of understanding of all life forms, including our own.
  10. We support the teaching of climate science.
  11. We oppose the teaching of any religious doctrine in Nevada public schools.
  12. We support the teaching of the United States Constitution and the Nevada State Constitution, the protections that they confer, and the responsibilities of citizenship to Nevada students.
  13. We support the Statewide Curricular Standards to the extent that it is supported, modified, and endorsed by the professional educational community in Nevada.
  14. We support early childhood education programs meeting educational, physical, social, mental, emotional, and nutritional needs of children.
  15. We believe that English Language Learners (ELLs) have unique needs and should be provided with bilingual education programs to receive instruction in their heritage/native language from qualified teachers until English proficiency is achieved.
  16. We support a greater emphasis on and funding for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in our schools.
  17. We support full-day, publicly funded, mandatory kindergarten for all children.
  18. We support a revitalization of computer literacy classes to include an emphasis on coding education.
  19. We support a US History curriculum that includes both our history of innovation and oppression.

K-12 Specialized Programs/School Choice

  1. We support the continuance and funding of Zoom schools, and certain non-Zoom schools in rural areas, which provide intensive services to Nevada’s English language learners and those who experience low academic achievement.
  2. We support the further funding and development of the Victory Schools Program, which appropriates funds to schools with high percentages of students in poverty and the lowest academic achievement in Nevada.
  3. We oppose the Achievement School District, which was created to convert academically low-achieving public schools into charter schools.
  4. We support increased funding for the Weighted Formula Measures program (SB 178 – passed 2017), which allots increased per-year funding for children with learning disabilities and special needs.

Public/Private School Issues

  1. We support the mandate of the State Public Charter School Authority to regulate and provide oversight regarding the fiscal health, academic accountability, and overall success of these schools based on approved strict measurement standards reported to the public on a required basis.
  2. We support proficiency testing for private-schooled and home-schooled students to ensure they remain on-track with their public-school peers.
  3. We oppose the distribution of public funds to private, tuition-based K-12 educational institutions.
  4. We oppose efforts to privatize the K-12 education system, including any taxpayer support of private schools.
  5. 190. We support the elimination of for-profit charter schools.
  6. We oppose the continuation of the voucher-like “Opportunity Scholarship Program,” which diverts money from public schools.
  7. We support every effort to help engage parents/guardians in their children’s education, including helping parents/guardians to understand what material is being taught, how it is being taught, and how they can help their child(ren) learn.
  8. We support the recommended student-to-counselor ratio of 250:1 as proposed by the American School Counselor Association.
  9. We believe that preparations for standardized testing should not take away from the pursuit of a well-rounded education.
  10. We support having a librarian and library in every K-12 school.
  11. We support increased funding for school nurses and Speech Language Pathologists.
  12. We support continued parental education programs such as Linked Learning and Parent University.

Higher Education

  1. We support investment in vocational and technical education financially supported through the education budget and by education, labor, and business partnerships.
  2. We believe in the necessity of providing affordable and accessible higher education opportunities for both new high school graduates and adults.
  3. We support increasing funding for community colleges and the opportunity for trade school and business preparedness classes for all.
  4. We support senior citizens’ attendance at state-supported college classes without charge under institutionally defined provisions.
  5. We support the maintenance and enhancement of Nevada’s post-secondary academic programs.
  6. We support the identification of students who may be candidates likely to enter institutions of higher learning and likely to be required to pursue remedial courses in English and mathematics not later than the end of their third year in high school so that high school can complete the necessary efforts to accomplish these required skills prior to graduation.
  7. We support the construction of more parking spaces for students, faculty, and guests of the University of Nevada, Reno.
  8. We support improved college affordability with expansion of the Nevada Promise Grant program to Nevada Universities.
  9. We support increased state funding for the Kenny C. Guinn Millennium Scholarship to ensure continuation of the program.

Teacher Education, Preparedness, Training, and Evaluation

  1. We support opportunities for continuing education for all of Nevada’s education professionals in order to enhance their teaching capability and to increase their pay.
  2. We believe that educators in the State of Nevada deserve to be paid competitive salaries, at or above the national average sufficient to attract qualified teachers to help alleviate the teacher shortage.
  3. We believe that starting salaries of public K-12 school teachers should consider abilities in languages in addition to English and/or in highly technical fields.
  4. We believe that Nevada’s teachers should be evaluated in accordance with newly instituted measures under AB 320.
  5. We support the training of all school officials in suicide intervention and prevention skills.
  6. We support the development of dedicated, professional teacher mentoring programs.
  7. We support programs to improve teacher retention and training.
  8. We support efforts to recognize all educators for their dedication to the profession.
  9. We strongly oppose any requirement to arm teachers or any professional staff members, including librarians, coaches, or any individuals hired for positions other than strictly as safety and protective officers.
  10. We oppose the privatization of school services provided by school support staff including but not limited to custodians, transportation specialists (bus drivers), and/or clinical aides.


  1. We support long-term planning and sufficient dedicated funding for new school buildings and preventative maintenance of existing school buildings.
  2. We support a new education funding formula that accounts for evolving demographic changes and that appropriately funds the needs of Nevada students.
  3. We support the use of new revenue sources, such as the marijuana tax and room tax, to increase public education funding rather than to fill budget holes in other areas.
  4. We support increased education funds that come with accountability, stability, and resources to ensure a return on the investments and their academic success.
  5. We support the restriction of funds mandated via Initiative Petitions to their proposed use as passed by voters.
  6. We support the continued funding of the Nevada Institute on Teaching and Educator Preparation.
  7. We believe the Nevada Superintendent of Public Education should be appointed by the State Board of Education and not by the Governor.
  8. We believe that the U.S. Secretary of Education must have a broad background in education and familiarity with national education issues, programs, and the myriad of funding resources, in addition to an acute awareness of methods, current professional standards, and current trends that are achieving success or failure in our nation’s schools.

School Safety

  1. We believe that Nevada schools must remain gun-free and drug-free zones.
  2. We support improving school safety by limiting entry to school facilities through staffed doors.
  3. We oppose requiring or allowing any teacher or school employee, other than law enforcement officers, to carry any firearm onto the campus of any public school or institute of higher education.
  4. We support the interim School Safety Plan proposed by Washoe County School District as of March 2018.

2018 Party PlatformEnergy And The Environment

Energy Independence

  1. We support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan of 2015 and urge its implementation in Nevada by State and local agencies.
  2. We support the production and consumption of renewable energy, including solar, wind, and geothermal, as the primary sources of energy for Nevada, with a Nevada renewable energy portfolio standard of 80% by 2040.
  3. We support public funding for development of distributed solar energy on houses, businesses, and public buildings.
  4. We support reforming Nevada law that currently prohibits credit or payment for distributed electricity generation in excess of annual net electricity consumed.
  5. We support income-based subsidies for energy efficiency and alternative energy projects on private residences.
  6. We support the continued phasing-out of fossil-fueled power plants in Nevada.
  7. We urge national legislation for a carbon tax on industry as an incentive to reduce carbon emissions, and we urge cap-and-trade legislation for carbon emissions to deliver an environmental objective at the lowest cost to the economy.
  8. We support an increase in the motor vehicle fuels tax to provide funds for energy conservation, transportation infrastructure, and to encourage vehicles not dependent upon fossil fuels.

Environmental Protection

  1. We strongly support the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, extended to encompass all fossil fuel operations.
  2. We support sustainable water use and water rights policies that protect streams, riparian zones, wet meadows, springs, lakes, and ponds.
  3. We oppose the inter-basin transfer of groundwater where hydrologic analysis reveals a potentially significant detrimental environmental impact on the original habitat and water uses.
  4. We oppose projects like the Yucca Mountain Project that designate Nevada as a literal dumping ground for nuclear waste, mercury, and other toxic substances.
  5. We support the adoption of all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our workers and communities affected by the transportation, handling, distribution, and disposal of hazardous materials.
  6. We support programs and policies that address global climate disruption, and we acknowledge that human-induced climate change and global warming are settled science that should be the basis of sound public policy.
  7. We oppose permitting of fossil fuel extractions via hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Nevada.
  8. We support effective regulation for groundwater protection including disposal of fracking fluids; injection of any fluids, including infiltration fluids; and require full disclosure of any chemical constituents used in these fluids.
  9. We support legislative action to amend the Nevada Administrative Code so that the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection will have the authority to deny an operating permit for a Class I landfill in areas clearly unsuitable for such projects.
  10. We support a mining depletion tax, the proceeds from which will be invested in a state trust to be spent on environmental remediation.
  11. We support legislation to combat climate change that aligns with our goals of fighting racism and economic inequality, as environmental damage disproportionately affects communities of color and low-income areas.
  12. We support strengthening vehicle emission standards and oppose recent action to reduce them.
  13. We support providing recycling collection services to all residents including those in apartments and multi-unit dwellings. Materials should be collected in a manner that lets them go to their highest and best use.
  14. We support passing a local plastic bag ordinance modeled after local ordinances that have been successfully implemented and legally upheld for other localities.
  15. We support local and regional planning that preserves open space and agricultural lands in a manner that collectively conserves wildlife habitat, maintains habitat linkages, protects water quality, and reduces flood risk.

Public Lands

  1. We strongly support the Antiquities Act of 1906 in the way that it has been used by Presidents of both political parties to protect and expand public lands and public treasures.
  2. We support maintaining national stewardship of our federal public lands, and we oppose privatization of public lands via interim transfer to the States and local agencies.
  3. We support policies and investment that will keep public lands public, protect native species and wildlife, strengthen protection for natural resources, and increase access for all Americans.
  4. We support adequate funding for the management of public lands for recreation, watershed values, scenic resources, cultural resources, open space, and parks.
  5. We oppose the military’s attempt to take over primary control from the Bureau of Land Management of public land in the Stillwater Range and nearby areas.
  6. We support the full, original designations of Basin and Range National Monument and Gold Butte National Monument, in order to preserve their unique cultural, scenic, and biological resources while balanced with meaningful public access for recreation and education.
  7. We support recycling of construction and commercial waste with the resultant revenue directed to subsidize residential recycling rates.
  8. We believe that wild or feral equine populations in Nevada should be reduced and maintained at a scientifically based, ecologically sustainable population level, and public agencies should be fully funded to manage equine populations on public lands.
  9. We recommend that the proposed Washoe County Economic Development and Conservation Act should feature a refined, appropriately subdivided urban disposal boundary that protects cultural and natural resources and discourages urban sprawl from land transfers at locations remote from existing urban services.
  10. We recommend that the proposed Washoe County Economic Development and Conservation Act should stipulate that Federal lands released from status as Wilderness Study Areas, if not designated as Wilderness Areas, should be designated permanently to maintain their current rural character for ranching, public access for hunting and recreation, and conservation of habitat for bighorn sheep, mule deer, pronghorn, sage-grouse, and other wildlife.
  11. We recommend that the proposed Washoe County Economic Development and Conservation Act should include clear language that assures the avoidance of future development for industrial uses, such as for utility corridors, wind energy development, mining, and oil and gas leasing, on public lands released from status as Wilderness Study Areas.
  12. We support the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service having primary jurisdiction, rather than other federal agencies, over management of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

Sustainable Transportation

  1. We support safe and affordable communities based upon sustainable energy and environmentally sound public policies.
  2. We support transportation systems that include bus, rail, and bicycle travel, as well as safe walkways and road crossings for pedestrians.
  3. We support incentives for expanded consumer access to electric vehicles; to cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles; and to cleaner fuels.
  4. We support proactively addressing incipient high-traffic corridors, such as from Cold Springs to Reno and from Interstate 80 to U.S. Highway 50, by providing mass transportation instead of waiting until such congestion occurs as mandates the widening of existing roads, which will create even more traffic disruption, more collisions, and greater cost.

Wildlife Conservation

  1. We strongly support the Endangered Species Act and we oppose any weakening of the Endangered Species Act.
  2. We support the Greater Sage-Grouse conservation plans as approved by Federal agencies in 2015. We encourage further collaborative efforts of governmental agencies and private stakeholders to maintain and increase sage-grouse populations by conserving, enhancing, and restoring these bird populations within our iconic Nevada sagebrush ecosystems.
  3. We support increased general funding for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, particularly to support its work pertaining to non-game species.
  4. We support the inclusion of more members of the general public from diverse backgrounds, including women, on the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners and the Washoe County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife.
  5. We support strengthening enforcement and penalties for those who violate Nevada trapping laws.
  6. We support banning recreational and commercial trapping using leghold, snare, or Conibear-style traps or similar devices on public lands in Nevada.
  7. We support the scientific management of healthy habitats and sustainable wildlife populations, including predators, in Nevada.
  8. We support legislation that requires use of bear-proof garbage containers in communities within bear habitats.

Nevada Ballot Question #3

  1. We oppose Nevada Ballot Question #3. Nevada Ballot Question #3 would amend the Nevada Constitution to minimize regulations on the energy market and eliminate legal regulated energy monopolies.
  2. We oppose any deregulation of energy production, distribution, and/or storage that would result in a rate increase to the consumer.
  3. We support continued public oversight of energy production and distribution, including renewable energies.

    We oppose Question 3 for the following reasons:

    • Required statutory levels of renewable energy portfolios will likely be unenforceable upon out-of-state providers.
    • The Stranded Asset Recovery costs for NV Energy will be passed on to rate payers.
    • NV has lower rates than any deregulated state.
    • If the energy industry is enshrined in the NV constitution, it will become nearly impossible to remove or change.
    • NV Energy will no longer buy natural gas in large bulk and pass on savings to customers.
    • The absence of a “provider of last resort” will harm the most vulnerable: the sick, elderly, disabled veterans, and low-income families needing assistance.
    • Thanks to publicly regulated approach, Nevadans enjoy some of the lowest energy rates in the western United States, while supporting good paying union jobs.
    • Energy deregulation in other states across the country has resulted in higher rates, predatory practices, and opportunities for bad actors like ENRON.

World with flagsInternational Relations And Trade Policy

  1. We believe that the most practical approach to foreign relations generally is to make our own democratic, regulated, free enterprise system work as effectively and efficiently as possible, and in doing so, to serve as a beacon to the world worthy of emulation by other nations.
  2. We recommend that United States foreign policy encourage countries throughout the world to share economic gains with all their citizens as opposed to centralizing economic gains in the hands of entrenched elites.
  3. We support the United States’ working through the United Nations to achieve international goals of expanding access to safe drinking water, eliminating slum conditions, achieving parity in primary school enrollment between boys and girls, and expanding access to comprehensive, medically accurate health care.
  4. We urge the United States to provide leadership in developing international standards and protections to eliminate fraudulent cyber activity of all types.
  5. We urge every possible action be taken to ensure that any use of drones by and for the United States for any purpose be consistent with our values as a nation.
  6. We urge the United States to continue to discourage the spread of nuclear weapons.
  7. We urge the United States to honor its commitments to all nations.
  8. We urge that the United States work with other developed countries to help emerging nations eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve advances in education; promote gender equality and empowerment of women; assist with birth control information, education, and supplies; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; forge global partnerships among different countries and actors to achieve development goals; and work toward solutions to climate change, land degradation, ocean management, and air pollution.
  9. We urge the United States to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) as a legal basis for settling maritime boundary disputes and enacting safe passage standards for international shipping.
  10. We encourage the United States to continue its efforts to improve relations with Cuba.
  11. We urge the United States to include wage, hour, and working standards; the right or organize; and additionally, to include enforced fire and building safety codes in our trade agreements.
  12. We support trade agreements that maintain the national sovereignty of the participating nations.
  13. We support the United States government working toward an agreement among China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other nations about rules of behavior when encountering each other in three particular domains: air, sea, and cyberspace.
  14. We believe the United States should support countries moving into a more democratic system of government, providing diplomatic assistance upon request.
  15. We support diplomacy as the first tool of choice in resolving differences before military intervention.
  16. 294. We strongly support programs that strive to abolish all forms of human trafficking and support organizations that work toward helping its victims. Nations that condone any form of human trafficking and/or harbor its perpetrators should face strict sanctions.
  17. We support transparency of non-military foreign aid given by the United States.
  18. We support a full staff of experts in the State Department to intelligently guide international relations.
  19. We support the 29-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

2018 Party PlatformLabor And Employment

Business Policy

  1. We support economic policies with the immediate goal of achieving maximum employment.
  2. We support business activities, including manufacturing, in the United States, and buying local in Nevada and its communities; we oppose outsourcing.
  3. We support retraining and re-education for the people in our society whose current skills are not consistent with constantly changing workplace requirements.
  4. We support apprenticeship programs that give people a pathway into the middle class.
  5. We support the strengthening and enforcement of residency requirements for workers employed on taxpayer-funded or taxpayer-subsidized projects.
  6. We oppose the use of state dollars to fund or subsidize companies that send jobs out of state or overseas.
  7. We believe that public policy should be aimed at expanding the economy and creating jobs that pay a living wage within the State of Nevada.

Employee Rights

  1. We support legislation that protects unemployed workers from being discriminated against based on their unemployed status.
  2. 306. We oppose employment discrimination based on credit history.
  3. We support the right to privacy for job applicants, thus prohibiting an employer from requiring passwords for social media accounts as a condition for employment.
  4. We support the right of men and women to form and join unions in both the public and private sectors and to engage in collective bargaining.
  5. We oppose all so-called “right to work” laws and support the repeal of “right to work” in Nevada.
  6. We support the strengthening of the National Labor Relations Board and urge the enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act, both of which are aimed at protecting workers’ right to organize.
  7. We oppose the misclassification of workers as independent contractors.

Pay Equity and Wealth Inequality

  1. We support raising the minimum wage and indexing it to cost of living increases.
  2. We support legislation to guarantee paycheck fairness: equal pay for equal work for all, including women and seniors.
  3. We support all employees being given a choice between being paid by check, direct deposit, or debit card, as debit cards may come with associated fees that adversely impact the employees’ wages.
  4. We support subsidizing employers who hire disadvantaged youth, those exiting the criminal justice system, and those with disabilities.
  5. We support business incubators and mentoring opportunities for minority and/or female-owned businesses.
  6. We oppose predatory loan practices and support limits on the interest rates for all loan instruments.
  7. We support strengthening prevailing wage standards.
  8. We support strengthening union participation, the restoration of overtime protections for all workers, the right to form and join a union, and the freedom to bargain collectively.
  9. We support paid sick leave, parental leave, family leave, and medical leave, as well as the current provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  10. We support labor protections for domestic workers and farm workers.
  11. We support enforceable legislation to protect workers from wage theft.
  12. We support the requirement of minimum qualifications for early childhood education professionals and compensation for them as professionals.
  13. We support the elimination of wealth inequality, especially as it affects people of color.
  14. We support the Bridges Out of Poverty Program.

Retirement Security

  1. We support repeal of the Windfall Elimination Act and the Government Pension Offset Act, and all attempts to short-change government employees.
  2. We support protecting, expanding, and improving Medicare and Medicaid services, benefits, and administration.
  3. We believe in the preservation, integrity, and expansion of the Social Security program, which enables a dignified life for the elderly, disabled, and dependent.
  4. We support defined benefit pension plans, which provide the greatest security for retirees and should be the preferred policy for both public and private sector employees.
  5. We support, as an addition to the charter of the Social Security Administration, the creation of a national Retirement Trust and that this Trust would take control of all employee retirement accounts so that employers may not defund retirements to pay for adverse conditions affecting their operations.
  6. We support a national strategy to stabilize pension funds.
  7. We support prevailing wage standards on any construction project that receives any type of incentive from state or local government.

2018 Party PlatformUniform Services, Veterans, And Military Families

  1. We support every service member being paid a living wage sufficient to support his/her family.
  2. We support continued benefits for family members of those who die or are permanently disabled in the service of this country.
  3. We support zero tolerance of sexual assault in the military.
  4. We support the right of LGBTQIA+ individuals to serve openly in the military.
  5. We support zero tolerance of sexual, physical, and emotional assault and/or abuse of members of veterans’ families and military families, where those families are subject to military jurisdiction.
  6. We support providing veterans and previously deployed reservists with prompt and appropriate help reintegrating into their communities, including but not limited to, counseling services, suicide prevention, education benefits, and disability payments for those who return with physical injuries and/or mental health problems.
  7. We support the protection of the civil rights of all active duty and reserve members of the United States’ armed forces, as well as all of the protections afforded to them under the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA).
  8. We support efforts to protect active duty personnel and veterans from unlawful and unethical lending practices and unlawful seizures.
  9. We support funding and staffing increases to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to accomplish its mission of serving our veteran community.
  10. We support the extension of VA services to rural areas.
  11. We support medically-necessary services and care for all veterans, regardless of the location of the nearest Veterans Administration hospital or the ability to pay. No veteran should be denied or delayed medical or mental health care based on rank.
  12. We support expansion of and greater access to GI Bill educational benefits to our veterans, their spouses, and dependents.
  13. We support the VA’s efforts to reduce or eliminate homelessness among veterans.
  14. We strongly urge the VA to take immediate steps to improve the processing of veterans’ benefit claims in Nevada.
  15. We support reform of the VA to eradicate substandard care of veterans at VA health facilities.
  16. We support efforts to improve the capability of the VA to deliver services to veterans and their families.
  17. We oppose privatization of veterans’ services.
  18. We support the extension of benefits to the surviving spouse of a veteran, regardless of whether marriage occurred before or after discharge.

2018 Party Platform2018 Washoe County Platform Committee Chairs and Members

  • Business Policy | Employee Rights | Economic Policy | Pay Equity & Wealth Inequality | Retirement Security
    • Rob Benner, Chair
    • Alex Goff
    • Tracy Holland
    • Clancy McCarthy
    • Mike Pilcher
    • Liz Sorenson
    • Larry Wilson
  • Energy and the Environment
    • Larry Dwyer, Chair
    • Alice Good
    • Kurt Kuznicki
    • Margo Piscevich
    • David Pritchett
    • Bruce Schmidt
    • Andrew Zaninovich
  • Cyber Security & Technology | Economic Policy | International Relations & Trade Policy | Immigration | Tax Policy
    • Jon Garman, Chair
    • Courtenay Burns
    • Richard Cramer
    • Gene Gardella
    • L. George Smith
  • Healthcare
    • Daela Gibson, Chair
    • Gale Audia
    • Courtenay Burns
    • Don Gallimore
    • Gene Gardella
    • CJ Miller
    • Andrew Zaninovich
  • Education
    • Susan Nielson, Chair
    • Courtenay Burns
    • Fred Cooper
    • Don Gallimore
    • Wendell Newman
    • Bruce Schmidt
    • Linda Sinclair
    • L. George Smith
  • Elections & Voting | Equality Under Law | Gun Safety | Housing | Justice | Immigration | Uniformed Services, Veterans, & Military Families
    • Jackie Shelton, Chair
    • Courtenay Burns
    • Don Gallimore
    • Daela Gibson
    • Susan Nielson
    • Terry Ann Stone