Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott

At-Large Department 1

Forty years ago, Sandy came to Nevada with the intention to stay for a little while. However, the wild horses, high desert wildflowers, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, nearby ski runs, and the ocean just over the mountain, made her want to stay and call Nevada home.

Here she has raised two children. She was the first President of the Friends of the Washoe County Library and served for three years. She was an elementary teacher in Washoe County School District for ten years. She served for eight years on the Washoe County Library System Board of Trustees during its busiest growth period of the library’s first one-hundred-years.

Her precinct organizing work began in 2004 with a committed group of Democrats. Together, they created a grassroots group of volunteers to recruit, train, and support Precinct Captains. There is work for all of our talents, skills, and experience. We are lucky to do this work, and live in a beautiful county where even wild horses want to live.

The At-Large Department 1’s role is to encourage the grassroots involvement of members in the organization and business of the WashoeDEMS, including the organizing of precincts and the recruiting and training of precinct leaders through the Precinct Organizing Committee.

WashoeDEMS campaign for candidates
Black Caucus of Washoe County
WashoeDems march in Labor Day Parade
Elected Officials Steve Sisolak, Alexis Hill and Devon Reese share smiles at a WashoeDEMS event

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