Social Media Policy

February, 2017

The following policy applies to WashoeDEMS volunteers who: Use the #WashoeDEMS hashtag Refer to the Democratic Party Refer to a current elected Democrat or a Democratic candidate The goal of the training given at WashoeDEMS headquarters is to advertise and promote the Democratic Party “brand” for purposes of educating voters about our values and our candidates, and to amplify the words and deeds of our elected officials. Effective messaging often contrasts our agenda and theirs. Volunteers should keep these principles in mind when using social media:
  • The Democratic Party and our elected officials and candidates at the local, state, and national levels, should always be referenced in positive terms.
  • All sources of information in original posts AND reposts should he checked for legitimacy. No fake news!
  • Be respectful. Even when referring to Trump, his supporters, his cabinet, members of Congress, etc, avoid name-calling and profanity. Their own words and action speak for themselves. Let’s let them. NEVER refer in a derogatory manner to anyone based on race,religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Be effective/productive. Think about WHY you want to post a message. If it’s just to let off steam or to demonstrate how witty you are, rethink. Calls to action are good.
  • When in doubt, don’t.
We appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers who are learning to use social media to promote our Party and our politics. Thank you!